13 Colony Operator Guide 2015

13 Colony Operator Guide 2015

D-STAR FAQ 13 Colonies Special Event - Celebrating our independence.
The theme for 2015 is "Founders of the republic". 

NEW FOR 2015: The 13 Colonies will have TWO sister events: WM3PEN 
will again participate from Philadelphia, PA, where independence was
declared.; Added will be GB13COL, Durham, England. 

The 13 Colonies certificate will have a Liberty Bell added for a contact 
with WM3PEN.

Stations making contact with GB13COL will have a union  jack added to the certificate.

 WM3PEN will be on D-STAR

1. DATES/TIME  June 30, July 1 - 3, July 5, 7-11 PM EDT    (2300Z- 0300Z)
    July 4 1-5 PM EDT   (1700Z - 2100Z)

2. Frequency:  K3PDR  Ref 063 B

3. Radio must be used on both ends of the QSO for the certificate. QSLs will be issued for any                DSTAR QSO.

4. Contact information
    a.)  CQ  from WM3PEN - 13 Colonies Special Event Station
    b.)  CQ WM3PEN
    c.)  WM3PEN QRZ?

5. If there are to many stations calling, you may have  to ask for stations by
     a)  First letter of call suffix.  (A-F, G-M, etc)
     b)  If several repeaters are connected you  may have to ask for stations on a specific repeater or               link  

6. Contact Exchange (use log sheet)
    a)  Name,  State,  (Year first on DSTAR-optional)
    b)  Record Date/time, frequency c)  In Comments area any additional info 
         (QTH, repeater that he is using, etc)

7. For a QSL send an SASE to WM3PEN. Address on QRZ.com DX stations include $1 for postage. 
    QSL cards can be sent via the QSL bureau DSTAR QSOs will be uploaded to EQSL

8. To get the certificate see instructions on 13colonies.info

9. After your 2 hour shift send your log to     WM3PEN@aol.com.

10. Post on the Google Docs spreadsheet the number of QSOs  on your shift..

Jim Fisher,
May 25, 2015, 4:05 PM