Installfest at PACS - Saturday September 25, 2010

"Zero to Linux in 45 minutes"

During the Main Presentation, from 12:15 to 1:00 p.m., the members of the PACS Linux SIG will
show a Wubi install LIVE.

During the 'installation' parts, a brief guide to the basics of the Ubuntu Desktop Environment
will be shown.

You've been hearing the buzz about Linux in general, and Ubuntu specifically.
You are a little intrigued.  SecurityCustomizable.  Can be FREE.

But don't you have to know all those scary, evil, terminal based commands?
Nope; but you can.

What about all the drivers that aren't available?
Actually, most stuff is working right out the box, and getting better
with each passing moment.

Can I do ....?
You can do everything.  It may be done a little differently, but it can definitely
be done.

What is all this INSTALLFEST nonsense?
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