What is the INSTALLFEST?

All day at the PACS meeting on Saturday September 25, 2010 along with demonstrating and talking about Free Open Source Software, members of the PACS Linux SIG and other local Linux enthusiasts (hopefully, future PACS members) will be available to:

Install Linux to your:

Computer (Desktop and/or Laptop)
Hard Drive (any)
Usb Flash Drive (1g min.)

These installs can be:
Full blown installs
Live installs with persistent storage (flash drives)
Vmware / Virtualbox VMDK images (ready for your vm)

Got older hardware, that you can't / aren't currently using?
Bring it; we'll bring it back to life.

Bring your computer, flash drive, hard drive -
go home with a new operating system
to play with.

You just may LIKE it.