PACKAGES needed: direwolf - ax25-tools

/etc/ax25/axports setup:
'radio' is defined in
# /etc/ax25/axports
# The format of this file is:
# name callsign speed paclen window description

#1      OH2BNS-1        1200    255     2       144.675 MHz (1200  bps)
#2      OH2BNS-9        38400   255     7       TNOS/Linux  (38400 bps)
radio  AJ3DI     1200            255     2      VHF

aplay -l    will tell you which soundcard to use in direwolf.conf.
(you will want to use SignalLink, which will be 'usb')

direwolf soundcard tnc in one window

kissattach in another window then


using ax25-tools package



Terminal ONE: jedijf@jedijf-T450:~$ direwolf -p
(leave running)

jedijf@jedijf-T450:~$ ls -la /tmp/

jedijf@jedijf-T450:~$ sudo kissattach /dev/pts/1 radio
(dev/pts/# is from ls command)

jedijf@jedijf-T450:~$ axcall radio -s aj3di-1 ny3j-10 via w3sk
(opens the dialogue window)

See screenshots

Now for the gui stuff


pat command line:

jedijf@jedijf-T450:~$ pat --listen telnet, http

OPENS a webserver on localhost:8080

see screenshots

First terminal: jedijf@jedijf-T450:~$ direwolf -p

Second terminal: jedijf@jedijf-T450:~$ sudo kissattach /dev/pts/4 radio

Then when that attaches to ax0

axcall radio -s aj3di-1 kb3bux-11
You should be able to use direwolf without signal link to copy aprs packets.
Radio out to soundcard in. Set the soundcard in direwolf as whatever you are
using in computer.

Set radio to 144.39.

Fire up direwolf.

To receive aprs packets, and iGate and digipeat.

(no switches, or -di for more debugging info)